Cellulite and healthMost of us consider cellulite unsightly because of an unaesthetic orange-peel look of the skin. Therefore, practically every woman is ready to do almost anything to get rid of cellulite on her thighs, abdomen or buttocks. But one should not make haste and unleash the war against cellulite instantly but first consider one very important point.

A group of British researchers has recently proved that struggle with cellulite is no good in many cases. According to their results, most young ladies who manage to get rid of cellulite are subjected to far more serious health problems later on.

Among the consequences of extensive cellulite treatment there is the risk of development of diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system and problems with conception and childbearing. So there is much food for thought for fair sex and a hard choice to make between health and beauty.

Cellulite and Stress

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More and more studies prove that development of cellulite can be indirectly caused by psychological factors.

Stress causes celluliteWe live busy and hectic lives nowadays. We are head over ears in our worries, problems and anxieties. We are often stressed and strained and that’s the starting point for development of cellulite.

Stress and emotional disorder make us nervous, depressed and unbalanced and that is one of the main reasons why our body loses essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients faster. As a result, our immune system becomes weaker, what in its turn causes cellulite.

We put our goals and troubles to the foreground often forgetting about the most important thing that we have – our health. Take it easy, have a rest, calm down, make yourself organized – and it will do much good not only to your health but to your appearance as well.

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Dieting Causes Cellulite

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Dieting may cause celluliteCellulite affects almost 90 percent of modern women. In recent studies scientists have come to a paradoxical conclusion that dieting is one of the main causes of metabolic disorders, which, in its turn, lead to appearance and development of cellulite in women.

European scientists claim that the problem lies not exactly in dieting but rather in constant changes of diet plans. And that’s particularly true about modern women who try many different diets for the sake of getting rid of extra kilos, which are quickly regained as they quit.

Dietitians assert the so called fasting days are most dangerous to woman’s skin. They assume that during these days the structure of adipose tissue is irreversibly disrupted, which leads to development of cellulite.

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